Artist Statement

Each piece I create is an attempt to express the inner me, my connection to the world and the things in it.  This is nothing new and has been an aim mankind has been pursuing through art from the outset.     My hope is that the viewer sees something from themself, reflected back at them.                                    

Colour and form play a key role in my work. I explore how patterns affect the interaction of colours, its intensity and their relationships to each other and the viewer.   I intend to continue to progress and explore this area further.                         

Some of my work draws upon both abstraction and non-objective art practice.  Others take a more traditional form. I have never felt the need to limit expression to one form or style of art. I love to learn and hope this never leaves me.

Connections also interest me, how things are linked together either physically or metaphorically. It may be as complicated as how one person holds a whole community together or as simple as how a bird connects to a species of tree.   I want to capture the emotions these connections create and how we are changed by them.    

I am influenced by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, The Blue Rider Group, Frank Bowling, Njideka Akunyili Crosby and lesser-known artists such as Moe Brooker.    As well as Chinese woodcut and chinoiserie in general.

The spontaneity of printmaking plays an important part in my work.  My own prints are  used to create pieces in their own right and as collage in other pieces

Meet the Artist

Studied illustration at Lincoln University.

Mother Hen

My philosophy is that art is a universal leveller, with no boundaries to age, gender or ethnicity. It is a pathway of expression that transcends language and cultural boundaries. It shows the light and dark of human existence and provides both escape and truth in equal measure.

Next Steps…

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